Method for Creating a Polished Bore Receptacle
(U.S. Patent 6,585,053)

Apparatus for Releasing a Ball into a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 7,143,831)

Expandable Sand Screen for use in a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 6,969,905)

Expandable Sand Screen and Method for Installing Same in a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 6,571,871)

Orienting Whipstock Seat, and Method for Seating a Whipstock
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Cross-Over Housing for Gas Lift Valve
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Double-Acting Reciprocating Downhole Pump
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Hydraulic Setting Tool for Liner Hanger
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Expansion Set Liner Hanger and Method of Setting Same
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Mechanically Opened Ball Seat and Expandable Ball Seat
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Inflatable Packer Setting Tool Assembly
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Bi-Directionally Boosting and Internal Pressure Trapping Packing Element System
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Ball Dropping Assembly
(U.S. Patent 6,776,228)

Ball Dropping Assembly
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Expandable Tubulars
(U.S. Patent 7,156,179)

Expandable Hanger and Packer
(U.S. Patent 6,997,266)

Method and Apparatus for Locking Out a Subsurface Safety Valve
(U.S. Patent 6,991,040)

In-Line Cable Retriever
(U.S. Patent 6,612,886)

Plug-Dropping Container for Releasing a Plug Into a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 7,055,611)

Curved Flapper and Seat for a Subsurface Safety Valve
(U.S. Patent 6,666,271)

Expandable Tubular Having Improved Polished Bore Receptacle Protection
(U.S. Patent 6,668,395)

Method and Apparatus for Downhole Tubular Expansion
(U.S. Patent 6,662,876)

Method and Apparatus for Forming a Lateral Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 6,536,525)

Apparatus and Methods for Expanding Tubulars in a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 6,712,142)

Orienting Whipstock Seat, and Method for Seating a Whipstock
(U.S. Patent 6,968,896)

Method and Apparatus for Anchoring Downhole Tools in a Wellbore
(U.S. Patent 6,920,927)

High Expansion Packer
(U.S. Patent 6,827,150)

High Expansion Non-Elastomeric Straddle Tool
(U.S. Patent 7,004,248)

Subsurface Valve with System and Method for Sealing
(U.S. Patent 6,854,519)

Wellbore Tubular Patch System
(U.S. Patent 6,142,230)

Threaded Apparatus for Selectively Translating Rotary Expander Tool Downhole
(U.S. Patent 6,722,441)

Multilength Tubular Transporter (U.S. Patent 7,131,803)
Pipe Coupling System Having Anti-Reversing Locking Ring (U.S. Patent 7,097,211)
Magnetic Seal (U.S. Patent 6,805,358)
Insulated Casing and Tubing Hangers (U.S. Patent 6,763,882)
Fluid Cooled High Temperature Resistant Floating Barrier (U.S. Patent 6,695,535)
Apparatus and Method for Cleaning Hopper Barges (U.S. Patent 6,637,442)
Wastewater Treatment Device (U.S. Patent 6,126,816)
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System for Small Flows (U.S. Patent 6,099,722)
Drilling Device and Method of Drilling Wells (U.S. Patent 5,845,721)
Method of Drilling Well Bores (U.S. Patent 5,839,520)
Down Hole Cleaning Device and Method (U.S. Patent 5,829,521)
Processing System for Condensing Hydrocarbon Emissions from a Vapor Stream (U.S. Patent 5,824,836)
Method for Accelerating Production (U.S. Patent 5,806,599)
Apparatus for Kicking Over Tool and Method (U.S. Patent 5,797,453)
Self-Aligning Magnetic Rotary Seal (U.S. Patent 5,730,447)
Enhancement of Residual Oil Recovery Using a Mixture of Nitrogen or Methane (U.S. Patent 5,725,054)
Constant Volume Sampling System (U.S. Patent RE34,687)
Solvent Extraction of Oil from Oil-Bearing Materials (U.S. Patent 5,281,732)


Height-Adjustable Pipe Pick-up and Laydown Machine
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Combined Riser, Offloading and Mooring System
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Method for Managing Hydrates in Subsea Production Line
(WIPO Publ. No. 2006/031335)

Apparatus and Process for the Treatment of Materials Separation Into Organic and Inorganic Components
(U.S. Publ. No. 2006/0051720)

Controlled Freeze Zone Tower
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2010/0018248)

Core Annular Flow of Heavy Crude Oils in Transportation Pipelines and Production Wellbores
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2009/0203562)

Demulsification of Water-in-Oil Emulsions
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2009/0166028)

Downhole Burner Wells for In Situ Conversion of Organic-Rich Formations
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Oil/Water Separation of Full Well Stream By Flocculation-Demulsification Process
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Optimized Well Spacing for In Situ Oil Shale Development
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Composition and Method for Using Waxy Oil-External Emulsions to Modify Reservoir Permeability Profiles
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Rig Assist Compensation System
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2007/0084606) 

Modeling of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using Design of Experiments Methods
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2011/0011595)

Method for Predicting Time-Lapse Seismic Timeshifts By Computer Simulation
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2011/0170373)

Methods For Separation of Bitumen From Oil Sands
(U.S. Pat. Publ. No. 2012/0168353) 

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